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Handcrafted with natural and organic plant-based oils, butters, essential oils and herbs

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The Humble Soaper soaps are handmade in small batches using the cold process soap making method. The name derives from the nature of the process in that no added heat is needed, just the heat created by the chemical reaction of the lye solution and the oils. This is a wonderful method because it allows for a ton of customization and creativity!

I strive to provide a well-rounded line of soaps to appeal to most, if not all, skin types and needs. They make a wonderful special gift, as well as an affordable and naturally luxurious everyday soap option!


Every Humble Soaper bar is made with nothing but cleansing, 

moisturizing and healing, all natural and organic oils and butters. The only chemical in my soap is the one essential one for creating soap-- Lye.

Since only vegetable-based ingredients are used,

these soaps are naturally vegan-friendly and cruelty free!

Each bar is infused with dried herbs for natural exfoliation, and scented with pure essential oils. This means there are scores of extra health benefits for your skin to soak in! Check out Essential Oil Benefits to learn more.

Available Varieties...

~Tea Tree Lemongrass Refresh Soap~

~Eucalyptus Mint Breathe Deep Soap~

~Lavender Oatmeal Soothe Soap~

~Simply Nourishing Oatmeal Soap~

Ingredients lists for each of these soap varieties are

provided on each one's online shop listing here.

For information on how to prolong the life of your soap, check out Care Information.

To shop online or find local retail locations,

check out the "Shop" tab on the top menu bar.

~The Soap & Dish Gift Set comes with one varietal bar soap and one USA handcrafted wooden soap dish. A great gift all year round!~

~The Mini Soap Sampler includes four mini 2-ounce rounds of each of my four soap varieties. This makes for a great option to try out all of the different varieties in one convenient pack!~

Tea Tree Lemongrass Refresh Soap

Get refreshed with this citrus scrub soap! Infused with walnut shells, this bar provides generous exfoliation leaving your skin smooth and rejuvenated. All of my soaps are made with organic, natural and plant-based ingredients and are 100% vegan.

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