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Handcrafted with natural, clean-burning soy wax and infused with pure essential oils

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Process & Ingredients...

Quality of ingredients is just as important in my candles as it is in my soaps. Only high quality, plant-based ingredients are used.

Each candle is lovingly hand-poured with pure soy wax and decorated by hand to give each one it's unique decorative qualities. 

Pure essential oils are infused into the wax, yielding clean-burning, sweet-smelling, aromatherapeutic candles! Check out Essential Oil Benefits to learn more.

Why Soy Wax...

Soy wax is derived from soy beans and can yield a 50% longer burn time than paraffin candles. Soy is also natural and absolutely non toxic, which makes for a clean-burning candle and a healthier  home environment. No more black soot or chemicals burning up into the air that you breath.

Soy will also produce a stronger scent-throw and a cleaner smell than paraffin.

Available Varieties...

Repurposed Container Candles are usually made with unique salvaged tea cups and mugs, but may also include all kinds of vessels such as mini loaf pans, small casserole dishes, bowls and many others. These candles are truly unique and are hand-poured in a variety of rotating seasonal scents.

3oz & 6oz Jar Candles  are hand-poured into durable, and adorable rounded glass jars and topped with a hand-decorated lid. These candles are available in a variety of rotating seasonal scents.

Tea Lights   are hand-poured into elegant clear plastic 1/2oz cups. Get them in a 12-pack gift box, or 24-pack bag in the Etsy shop! Available in a variety of essential oil scents.

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~ 3oz & 6oz  Jar Candle  ~


~ 12-pack Tea Lights ~


Soy wax candles are growing in popularity mostly because of the middle ground that they occupy when it comes to an economical and natural candle. They are more affordable than beeswax candles and much safer and healthier than paraffin candles.

For information on how to properly care for your candle, check out Care Information.

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